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Healing Arts in Baja

After a promising career in Marine Biology and academia, Hesed Nájera turned his attention to the healing arts. As an Ayurvedic specialist, Hesed fuses different styles and modalities to create a signature style of massage. As an entrepreneur, he will soon open a space dedicated to wellness. We talk to Hesed about this journey.

What made you switch from academic to the healing arts Baja?

Born and raised in Mexico City, I found Physics to be my “fuerte,” and it led me all the way to being the Mexican captain on the International Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Budapest in 2000. But instead of following the thing I was good at, I moved to Baja to pursue what I was passionate about: spirituality and science, life and the Ocean. I studied Marine Biology, did a Masters in Sustainable Development, graduated with honors and published my thesis as an academic book. Then I moved to Pescadero. After working in the hospitality industry for several years, I found myself doing massage. It was a side job back then, although I had already taken many courses.

Your style of massage is informed by different techniques and modalities. How do you describe it?

I wanted the best education on massage so I traveled to Auroville, India, where I found two disciples of Master Govinda, the personal masseuse of the Gandhi family. It was like a dream. I finally started to have a grasp of the idea of energy, mind, and matter and how all that is related to stored emotions in our body. I took courses on Vipassana Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Reiki, as well as master plants ceremonies in Central Mexico and Peru. So my massage comes from all that. It’s about presence and feels like a dynamic meditation where my hands tell me where to go next.

You have traveled extensively. Where would you most like to go next and why?

Going back to India is always on my wish list. I am also really interested in going to Thailand because there is one of the biggest meditation centers of the world, as well as amazing islands and food. I’d like to go back to Peru, where there are a lot of workshops on earth, community, and plant rituals. I believe one has to live and think globally and act locally, so I’m always looking for ideas and projects that resonate with me.

What do you most recommend to visitors staying in Cabo?

I certainly recommend driving 35 minutes north to the Pescadero-Todos Santos area. In January we have an International Yoga Festival, where I’ll be leading a couples massage workshop at Cuatro Vientos. We have amazing surf in the winter, farm-to-table food, and the opportunity to experience life in a very pristine way.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Me and my wife are creating a space for Yoga, Pilates, Massage, ceremonies and everything related to wellness. We are hoping to have a collective place. We will start the construction process in early 2020 and hope to have it ready the following season. My family on my mom’s side, gave me shamanic ancestors; so I’m doing a deep search within me to reconnect with that.