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Blogging from Paradise

Fern Coll is the British travel blogger behind the The Salty Fern, as well as a self-professed foodie, former Zoologist, and entrepreneur. We talk to her about running her own business from Playa and get her tips on the best ways to enjoy the region.

What brought you across the world to Playa?

You know how little kids scream “Disneyland” excitedly when someone asks them where they want to go on holiday? Well, for this little weirdo kid, it was Mexico. When I finally visited Playa del Carmen for the first time, I fell in love with the mix of cultures, the food, the weather, and of course, the ocean! Fast forward a couple of years, I had saved enough money to move to Playa, and I’ve been here ever since.

Do you missing anything from home?

I’m a really adaptable person, so I don’t often miss many ‘home-comforts’ from England. For me, it’s more my family as we are all very close. If I had to choose something else… I guess I’d say prawn cocktail crisps (yes, I’m one of those people) and proper Richmond sausages. Oh, and not worrying about mosquitoes!

Having a travel blog sounds like a dream job. What has been your experience starting and running a business from Playa?

Writing and doing the photography for my travel blog was a world of fun. Learning how to web-build, SEO-manage, and code in CSS wasn’t. However, all of these skills allowed me to start my current online business and work with clients all over the world. Being a content, social media, and branding manager here in Playa and being able to take my lunch breaks at the beach is amazing, but it takes a lot of self-motivation and organization, too.

What are your favorite spots in Playa for food, drinks, adventure, or fitness?

I swim as often as I can, so it won’t come as a surprise that most of my favorite adventure activities are water-based. Magical Mayan cenotes can be found all along the Riviera Maya coast line and exploring the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef from Puerto Aventuras or Puerto Morelos is a must. Being a bit of a foodie, I love the mix of gastronomy and cooking techniques here in Playa. The Tiny Tiki Hut is one of my absolute favorite bars. I mean, tiki cocktails, Korean fried chicken and ramen all in one place? Yes, please! I’m also a huge pizza lover, so I can’t let the Chicago style Don Chendo or the wonderfully Italian Perché No restaurants go without comment. Kitxen and Caiman are also great bars if you like a side of awesome live music with your beer.

What are you most excited for in 2020?

I’m excited for all the travel me and my partner have planned for 2020, including another backpacking trip in Europe, family that will be visiting me here in Mexico, and all the surprises that living in this crazy, wonderful place brings each and every year.