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A Chicago Disappearing Act

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Back in the ’50’s, “Chicago-style” magic bars were a thing. When they disappeared, the city held its breath. Could magic-for-adults, accompanied by cocktails, really be gone? Well, Chicago Magic Lounge is here to pull off the final trick, bringing a format that has since then enjoyed worldwide success back to the town where it was born.

Enter through the laundry: Magic Lounge is a speakeasy. Hang out at the bar, seven days a week, enjoying a savory plate or a sweet bite from an enticing menu and sipping from one of their Prohibition-era classic cocktails or one of the more daring contemporary concoctions (the How Houdini Died is a showstopper). And while you’re there, let their expert house magicians surprise you with some of the best close-up magic you’ve ever seen. Now, are you watching closely?