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Tastes of Italy

Eating Around

Pizza Options in Playa

Mexican food in the Riviera Maya is a delight, but sometimes you just want a slice. Don’t despair if a pizza-craving hits you: whether you prefer deep-dish or thin-crust, Playa has something for everyone.

From the Godfather-styled logo to the name itself, Don Chendo makes no mystery of its Italian-American roots. While the menu features the greatest hits of red-sauce Italian-American fare (spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Parm), the deep-dish Chicago-style pizza is the real star.

Recalling a different heritage, but no less authentic, Perché No serves Neapolitan pizza, plus an ample selection of Italian pasta dishes and entrees. For something a little different, try one of their special pizzas inspired by the great names of Italian cinema, such as the Casanova, which pairs brie with speck.

If you prefer an even thinner slice, Piola offers a fantastic selection of “Roman-style” pizzas, served with a sauce made 100% from Italian-grown San Marzano tomatoes. The options are virtually endless.